Can I run a program on the start of another?

By hellokitty[hk]
Sep 13, 2008
  1. I have a program called Desktops 1.0 (, it basicly allows me to run up to four seprate explorer.exe files, and so, each of the explorer.exe's has their own set of sub programs (ive included a screenshot which could be helpfull).

    since each of the have their own internal programs, my basic background programs only work on the desktop that i started them on. So i was wondering, if i could automaticly start these programs again, under the new explorer,exe's whenever i start a new one. I thought i might have had one, but i don't remember it at all, and i think i might be just thinking of a basic if / else programing memory is getting worse T.T

    Or if you could just point me to another program that does basicly the same thing but does still runs my background programs, that would help too.

    Also im just curiouse, about how many processes do you have per session at most? in this particular screen shot, i have 98 running.

    -Thanks for your time and effort!
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