Can I upgrade to a quad core?

By liveloveburndie
Jan 3, 2010
  1. I have a biostar p4m89-m7b ver.1.0 mainboard . and 2.20 ghz dual core. want to upgrade to a quad... Will it work? also I have 4.00 gb of ram installed, but when I pull up system properties it says that I have 4 gb installed but only 2.94 is usable... why is this? if anyone can help he with these ques. I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. dividebyzero

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    Are you sure the motherboard isn't a P4M890-M7B ?

    If it is then you can upgrade to an E4300, 4400, 4500 (800FSB), or E6300, 6400, 6600, 6700 (1066FSB) Core 2 Duo (Conroe 65nm)
    No quads allowed-sorry.

    Some of your RAM is always used for running your operating system.
  3. red1776

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    The reason that you only have 2.94Gb of your memory 'usable' is because you are using a 32 bit operating system. the short version is that it is something called MMOI, memory mapped I/O reservations, its an architectural design and decision made long ago when the idea of having a full gig of ram was thought to be preposterous and would not ever happen or be needed. in a 32 bit os it lets you use somewhere between 2.75 and 3.25 Gb of 'working memory' and reserves the rest for things like pci buses, installed hardware, etc. the other Gig is there, you just don't get to use it as working memory.
  4. dividebyzero

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    @ red1776 - glad you got that into laymans terms. I started answering that and quickly got into address space parameters and big numbers-not quite what I thought was required.
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