Can RAID 1 be undone?

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Mar 20, 2007
  1. I've got TWO SATA 250Gb drives in RAID 1 mode, and I'd like to undo it now - so that I can have 250Gb of extra storage at no extra cost. I'd love to just buy more drives, but I can't afford to do that right now.

    So, these two drives appear as just one, and this is partitioned into three C:, D: and E:.
    My motherboard is an ASUS M2N-E, which uses an nVidia nForce 570 chipset.

    I tried going into the configuration utility (I press F10 on boot-up), and there's no option to 'undo' or 'revert' or 'convert' (I heard some different systems have that option?), all I can do there is [C]lear, [D]elete, [R]ebuild. I tried Rebuild to see what happens, and now it's just ensuring the mirrors are identical (copying data from drive 0 o drive 1 I guess).

    If I just boot up with one of the drives unplugged, do you think this will break the RAID 1 mode and turn it into normal non-RAID mode?

    I really would like to to keep my data...!


    Update - I just realised the in nVidia's NVRAID app for windows, I have the option to convert to striping (mode 0 I assume, not 0+1) I'm giving that a go, it may take a little while...!

    Well, it converted it to mode 0 (Striping) so now I have 250Gb (233.77Gb actually) as unallocated this is a good result - because come to think of it I think raid 0 is better for performance than having no raid at all.

    But I WILL get another drive eventually (an even bigger one probably) which I'd have to use to hold my backups of the first two, because as all my data is now spread across BOTH drives so my chances of losing it all to disk failure have effectively DOUBLED.

    I just hope this info comes in handy for someone...!
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  2. nickslick74

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    Thanks for the updates and welcome to TechSpot!
  3. Samstoned

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    Always good info
    regards :chef:
  4. nickc

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    any RAID can be undone go into the BIOS and undo what u did to set it up, disconnect one hard drive and format one, then install Windows on the drive.
  5. gavilan

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    Make sure you back your data up.
    RAID 1 = redundancy,
    RAID 0+1 = striping+redundancy,
    RAID 0 = striping, NO redundancy
  6. Tedster

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    yes, it can be undone, but save your data to another device. Once undone, your HD's will require reformatting going from RAID 0 to normal. Going from RAID 1 to normal, however, may or may not.
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