Can virus stay in motherboard if i switch off and effect my hardrive when switch on

  1. I have two internal sata drive, first drive has window 7 and other drive has window 10. I think my first drive has virus. so whenever I start my pc , I unplugged the first drive and use the second drive so that virus don't spread in my second drive. but I haven't formatted my first drive because I play lot of old games there. and antivirus also doesnt work properly because too much infected with virus. so I never start my pc with two internal drive plugged in motherboard. so whenever I want to play old games I plugged my first drive and remove the second. and when I want to use window 10 for personal work I unplugged the first drive n plugged the second. but I am afraid what if virus from first drive stay in motherboard and when I plugged my second drive after restart ,that virus will enter in my 2nd drive too????
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    While you are probably 'ok'unless you have contracted a BIOS stealth rootkit (rare), why not address the malware with a full cleanup and be able to connect both drives?
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    There's only to ways for virus to hibernate across a boot: infect the bios or the MBR. The Windows 10 protected boot UEFI is designed to defeat that possibility. Far more likely you have run of the mill infections caused by not running under a UAC login, missing a/v or not running the firewall.

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