can we split ddr2 memory to be use better in some programs>?

By AngelOfLighT
Jun 8, 2007
  1. can we split ddr2 memory to be use better in some programs>?

    and what it is virtual memory, and what is for, and to have better virtual memory what to do?
  2. raspygold

    raspygold TS Rookie

    Hi there. I'm not quite sure what you are asking in your first question.

    Virtual memory is exactly that, its not actual RAM memory (DDR & DDR2 etc) it is a section of your harddisk that your OS will use as make-shift memory when you have insufficient RAM memory. This in turn means that it is slower and doesn't perform as well as normal memory, due to your harddisk being much slower write/read than RAM memory.

    So, in conclusion, RAM memory > virtual memory, however if you don't have enough RAM memory then you can edit how much virtual memory you would like to have (at least in windows you can, although not sure about Vista).
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