Can you join multiplayer games in Halo CE thru the console?


Do you think my idea is a good one (paragraph 2)?

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By Envergure
May 22, 2007
  1. Hey dudes.

    I got Halo CE and I want to play with my brother over LAN but it complains about CD keys. So I thought maybe in devmode it wouldn't complain about that, but then MP's blocked in the UI so can I join a LAN game using the console?

    My biggest gaming peeve is when u want to play over LAN but everyone needs a different CD key. I can understand perfectly why this is necessary on the internet. But I think they should have a thing where on LAN you can have like two or four ppl playing over LAN at once. At least that's what I'd do if I made a game (which isn't entirely unrealistic as I've started developing a FPS engine in my spare time). That way players don't have to buy a copy for everyone to have a LAN party but the developer doesn't lose money from like 500 ppl all playing from one copy (I guess 500 ppl is a pretty big LAN party but I could see that many in a tournament or smthg).
  2. chance1138

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    I think that would be cool. However, it would be very hard to develop a method for that to work. If you hand out 4 cd keys with every game, then the person actually has 4 copies of the game in reality. The only conceivable way to make that work would be to have the LAN portion of a game not check for a valid CD key at all. But if this was done, someone would just need a copy of the game, and they could LAN all they want without ever paying for a game. So yeah, it would be cool, but difficult to implement.
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