Build a PC Cannot Install Replacement Optical Drive

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O/S System Windows XP Home

When I tried to replace the existing CD_RW with a newer DVD_RW Optical Drive the Hardware manager appeared with the following message.

Welcome to the Found New Hardware Wizard and showed the new drive correctly as NEC DVD_RW ND_4550A.

It then proceeded to load the Software wizard but was unable to locate this and came up with the following message.

Cannot Install the Hardware
The hardware was not installed because the Wizard cannot find the necessary software.

I visited the manufacturers site and they informed me that there isn't any special software and that the drivers on Windows should work without any problems. I must mention that the original drive was not faulty but we wanted to replace it with a DVD type. I also reinstalled the original drive and that works fine finding the original software straight away.

With the DVD refited I went through the process again with the same results and found that if I just cancelled the messages that the DVD would read any disk with no problem.

I looked in the Device Manager and this informed me that the drive was showing correctly and that it was working. I also looked at the driver files and these were the same files as appear for the original drive and are, cdrom.sys, imap.sys, redbook.sys.

I also checked in the registry for any Lowerfilters or Upperfilters under the subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
There was no entries.

I have also tried to pull the driver files directly from the Windows XP Disc.

Can anyone help me to stop the messages regarding this change in hardware appearing everytime the computer is turned on.


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Have you tried finding updated driver files from the manufacturer website? Perhaps instead of relying on Windows' built in stuff, a newly installed version might force it to shut its mouth. I'm not exactly sure what else you can do.
Thanks for your help. I downloaded file from site but it is actually a firmware update and didn't cure the problem. The unit actually works when playing dvd disks but the computer xp system doesn't seem to realise this. I checked the normal drivers in the Device Manager for a cd-rw or dvd-rw and they are loaded ok and says that there isn't a problem. The fact that when you first turn on the computer it says it is again installing the hardware and then wants to install the software drivers when I know they are there is a bit confusing.
I also noticed in the Device manager that the USB controllers have a yellow ? and as per the instructions I deleted these entries so that no USB items were showing. I then turned the computer back on and it recognised the USB hardware but then wanted to reinstal the drivers, but they could not be found. All these drivers are meant to be installed with the OS installation from the start. Anyway I reinstalled version3 of the Xp system which reloaded all the latest drivers and carried out the same procedure. It still says that it cant find them. I actually found the drivers in the i386 driver folder but it still would not accept these.


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Is this an IDE optical drive? If so, check to make sure the jumper is placed in the same setting as the one you removed, that is, master, slave or cable select.


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Is there an option in the Found New Hardware window to "Don't notify me any more"?
You don't need additional drivers.
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