Cannot write DVD-R's

By squelch59
Mar 17, 2005
  1. Hi again

    I'm having fun and games with my DVD-RW! It won't burn any DVD's! I've disabled all of Window's burning apps, I've installed Nero 6 and all the updates but whenever I try to burn any data or video files it says there is a write error. There is a full log file attached for all you guys who can decipher them!

    It burns audio and data CD's no probs, I don't know whether I've bought crap DVDs (PCLine in case you wanted to know) or I should just get a new drive! It's an ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16X. I must say I bought it from PC world and it was on discount because the box had been opened. I don't know whether that changes anything, like someone has tampered with it. I don't know.
    Thanking you all in advance!


  2. dopefisher

    dopefisher TS Rookie Posts: 444

    hmmm. this is just my opinion by the way. turn the windows programs back on. try downloading a program called alcohol 120%. here is a link.
  3. squelch59

    squelch59 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    will have a try thanks very much!
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