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Can't boot XP Pro

By amfairall ยท 5 replies
Oct 30, 2006
  1. I have tried three different HDD's and still get the same thing. If I try to boot in safe mode it gets all the way to mup.sys. Does anyone know about this, it appears to lock up on whatever loads after this file.
  2. Bjinnz

    Bjinnz TS Rookie

    Process of elimination is in order me thinks as it sounds like you might have some hardware in the computer that XP doesn't like or recognize, try removing all add-on cards (ie sound, modems etc...) from the system and then replace them one by one checking as you go and see if you have any joy. A little long winded perhaps.
  3. alidabiri

    alidabiri TS Rookie Posts: 441

    my pc does the same thing with safe mode. it just takes time to continue. give it some time to see if it goes on or not. mine takes about 20 minutes or so. but first stops at mup.sys.
  4. amfairall

    amfairall TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the suggestions. The only add on card I have is my agp card. My MB doest have built in video, so kinda hard for me to continue and see whats going on. I have also left my computer sit overnight trying to boot up and the next morning still just sits there. The only thing I've thought of is the next thing thats loads after MUP.sys is VIAAGP1.sys which is my agp filter. Any ideas on this one?
  5. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    I doubt your video card is to blame.

    You said you've tried three different hard disks. Did you install a fresh copy of XP on these drives?

    This is just generic advice, but probably the most common hardware problems that render XP unbootable are drive and memory issues. You might want to run www.memtest.org, just to rule your RAM out as a possibility. Run it for several hours (maybe overnight) and see if errors occur.
  6. amfairall

    amfairall TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Rick. One of the 3 that I tried did have a brand new install on it. I had to use another computer to install it. Everytime I tried on this one it would go thru loadin all of the drivers then say starting windows setup and just sit there. Also tried different mem out of a good computer. I think its the motherboard myself but I dont want to go out and but a new one and it not be the cause.

    Also Ive put the mem out of the bad computer into a good one and have been using it for a week or so now without any problems
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