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Can't Connect to the Internet

By pc_noob005
Oct 8, 2008
  1. Hey, I hope this is the right section. Anyway I can't connect to the internet, well I can, but only limited programs. Right now I can connect with opera, but not firefox, IE, or chrome. Also my steam has recently stopped connecting,

    I've shut off my firewall, or atleast it's not in my services list or taskbar. So I was wondering if it is a virus, and I should run the Virus removal instructions, or another issue. PLease help, Opera is absolutely horribe.
  2. pcaceit

    pcaceit TS Rookie Posts: 315

    Sounds like firewall blocked access. did you use the "diagnose connection problems" option in IE? It is also possible that something has change your network settings.

    start IE and select "tools" menu item > internet options > Advanced

    then click "reset" and follow instructions. If that does not work then uninstall your firewall then reinstall it again after shutting down and restarting your system.
  3. robertcinco

    robertcinco TS Rookie

    can't connect to the internet, check your network connection or firewall use default setting to check your connection
  4. wilcan888

    wilcan888 TS Rookie

    Hi, There.. Have you try pinging , click start, run, type cmd then enter, on the commd prompt type ping yahoo.com -t, if there is a reply, then you are connected, if it doesn't, you are not connected, lets assume that there is a reply from your ping. click IE then tools, on the bootom, click internet options, click on security, then click default level, go to the connection tab, click on lan settings, on the tick box , check automatic detect settings. then click ok. then restart your computer. then click on internet explorer. If it does not work, try to disable your antivirus, or turn off the pop up blocker.
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