Can't detect Disk C

By SamLe
May 29, 2009
  1. I use Dell laptop studio 1537. I want to install XP so i downloaded ParttitionMagic and open it, immediately it said there were some information about disk C that wasn't correct and if i wanted to fix them. I chose 'yes', there were two such Messages.
    A while later, i met the Blue Screen of Death and it automatically restarted.

    Now my laptop can't boot to OS, it just splashes a blue screen and automtically restarts...I have a CD for reinstalling Windows Vista and i put it in, chose Repair, it led me to a dialog to select a OS, but there weren't any OS in the list!!. When i checked the disks, there was only disk C and that was my original disk D!

    My Upgrade option in the CD was disabled so i chose 'Install a clean copy of Windows Vista". Another dialog appeared to choose a Disk to Install the Windows to. There were two Disks, labeled 'Recovery' and 'Unlocated partition' or something. I can't neither choose 'Unlocated partition' nor create a new disk from it while my disk 'Recovery'(Disk D) is not large enough.
    I really need help, if you know something please tell me, thanks in advance!
  2. Tmagic650

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    You need to format the "unallocated" partition, and install XP on that partition. Once you get the laptop up and running again, you can think about Vista. Having a dual boot XP Vista on a laptop is a waste of disc space. I have Vista and Windows 7 on two separate drives on my desktop
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