Cant get Windows Update to work

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Aug 15, 2008
  1. I installed a new hard drive in my Compaq laptop and did Windows XP install wth the restore disks. After the restore, I was able to use Windows Update to get all the updates that were available but didnt get SP 3. But since then whenever I go to get updates , the updates show up but it always shows the download size at 0kb and when I click on install, the installation window pops up and then it says"the following updates were not installed" but no error messages. ive never seen this before. Thanks
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    Something like that happened to me once with Windows Update but it was just a few updates. In my case I used System Restore and was able to install the updates all over again as if nothing had happened before.
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    I have the same problem. I reinstalled XP from the HP system restore disks, got it all set up, installed SP3, MSIE7, Media player 11, etc. Now there's about 6 more updates, including a couple of criticals, that won't install. What's up with that, MS?
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    Fixed it. The version of Windows on the restore dvd was missing about 7 regsrv.32 dll's. Got them from the troubleshooter on the update site.
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