Can't install Nvidia drivers? Here's the answer

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Aug 25, 2008
  1. Firstly you need to right click on 'My computer'.. then click 'manage'
    Extend 'Services and apllications', then click 'services'.
    On the right hand side scroll down to 'install table driver manager' double click it and set 'start up type' to 'automatic', then click 'start'. click apply, ok and close.

    close everything and click 'start', then 'run' and type "regedit". On the regedit section click 'my computer' which is near the top, under 'file'.
    Then press Ctrl+F, type 'nvidia' and click 'next find'.
    ignore the files you see on the right, just look on the left side and you will see a folder that looks open. Right click it and click 'permissions'. Select the user you use ( I just repeated the next part for all the users it showed ) and make sure 'full controll' is ALLOWED. then click OK.. then you need to press Ctrl+F again, nvidia will already be typed so just click 'next find'. Sometimes it will just go to the file you just change permissions for so just press Ctrl+F again and click next find. Then change the permissions to full access again. And repeat untill it tells you there is no more files with 'nvidia' in the name. I had 40-50 files that i had to change permissions for but it was well worth it.

    Once you have done this you should be able to succesfully install Nvidia drivers :D
    I had problems with mine for a few months now and i finaly found the answer so i thought i'd share :)
  2. vanilla_rice

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    I had a problem with my 8800gt where i'd get a flashing dos propt screen immediately after starting the nvidea drivers setup.. I could'nt get out of it so I'd would force a reboot and then I'd get freezing on xp logo screen when I tried loading windows... This was when I tried to run my 8800gt in the x16 pci-e slot..

    Funny thing is my new 9800gtx doesnt do this...

    Does this sound at all familiar with your situation? its almost as if my 8800gt wasnt compatible with that slot.. Thanks.
  3. lukey22

    lukey22 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nope. Mine would start installing the drivers, then right at the end it would say "Your system has not been modifed".
    I have still have no idea why i couldn't install it/why I wasn't permitted to.
    Yor problem seems a bit wierd. I'm no expert but i would of thought the driver installation would run for a short while reguardless of what card you have in there so evan if your card wasn't compatible, it would still rn the driver installation somewhat.

    I hardely ever get the normal problems that most do. I always get the complicated ones that takes forever to solve.
  4. Darth_Terra1

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    I have never had a problem installing Nvidia drivers with any of the cards i have installed, currently running a 8800GTS, as long as the previous one is uninstalled first but that goes for any driver.
  5. CCT

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  6. lukey22

    lukey22 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Maybe it wasn't the table manager then but i did everything i said above at the same time :p
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