Can't remove virus after wipe and new drive

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Jan 6, 2009
  1. Hey,
    If any one has a fix on this I would give em a big kiss. I saw somebody on a new post today had the same problem. (Im on my other non-infected computer looking for fixes) Norton identified a virus a month or so back but could not remove it (my assumption is that the virus was preventing quaranteen). I tried to index it and it was listed as a low level security risk. However I am finding it a challange to remove. I believe it to be a backdoor virus of some sort. I tried removing it manually by a restore and disabeling backup to no avail. I made a backup with the infected partition drive and tried a wipe - same symptoms - stalling/slow computer with messed up pixels. When I tried to install another anti virus program I was blocked by the administrator. I ordered backup CD's from HP and still had the same problem with the wipe. So my thought was that it was in the partition drive. I spent a $100 and bought a new hard drive and reintalled - still same thing. Where can the virus be and how can I remove? Thank you 8).
  2. Bebgap

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    I am having the same virus problem. I have still to reformat my hard drive. One question though when I reformat the hard drive should the broadband modem and the wireless router be already connected to the PC? Or should it be disengaged and just plug it back in after the reformat is done????
  3. Lenmo

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    My manufacturer (HP) recommends removing all unneeded devices, only leave the keyboard, mouse and anything else needed for the recovery. Are you showing symptoms of pixels out of place or trailing pixels from the mouse? My assumption is that the virus keeps rewriting the registry. I also notice mispelled or blue letters when I run in safe mode in the initial device loading screen.
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    Lenmo, you have the tools to build a clean system. Low level format track 0 on the new drive, using tools from the HDD company. Use the System Recovery CDs from HP to put the partitions onto the new drive.

    Caution: infected thumb drives will re-infect an unprotected system

    With respect to broadband modems and routers for local networks, there is some folklore surrounding this. Power off computers and then hard reset the router (reload factory defaults). Part of the lore is that default passwords should be changed. Now that some models of broadband modems are integrated with routers, it is not clear if they can be infected.

    Other folklore advises to trash HDDs infected with rootkit infections. I cannot see how any rootkit survives low level format of track 0. They can survive if they infect the cmos/bios of the HDD, or the gpu, or the mobo (most are protected from this). I have not found any discussions about threats directed at the bios.

    GMER has 2 rootkit scanners. Catch_me is bundled with SD_fix and Combo_fix. (omit '_' from the spellings) GMER is the name of the other scanner.
  5. Lenmo

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    Used the method recommended by someone one on another post using malwarebytes and that seemed to find and remove however my outlook and network settings under my linksys advisor won't recognize an internet connection so I reformatted and now I am back to square one with the same virus showing again. I tried using the recommended registry kit on the last post but won't let me finish the install for it. No clue, seems to be blocking/over-riding my email and network settings. I have outlook mirrored on my laptop and thankfully I can access it that way but I just get a time out error on Outlook on the infected PC.
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