Can't Transfer Files between 2 Computers

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Jan 12, 2007
  1. I have two computers, both windows XP. They are connected by a router, and are in the same workgroup. I have set the sharing settings on the folder that I desire to share. But, when I search for one computer on the other computer and vice versa, they are unable to locate each other. Is there a "master" setting on the computer that dictates whether files will be able to be shared? I can't think of any other reason why it won't work.
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    Run the Network Setup Wizard on both comps, click Start, click Control Panel, click Network and Internet Connections, and then click Network Connections. Under Common Tasks, click Network Setup Wizard.


    If that doesn't work, try going by IP. You can find your local IP by Start, Run, cmd. Then in there type ipconfig. Then take that address, likely or 101 and go to the other computer and in an explorer window type \\ or whatever the address from the other computer was.

    Are you running any 3rd party firewalls? If so that may be your issue right there.
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    the Xp firewall has a setting to allow file/print sharing.
    all participants need this enabled.

    for a 3rd party firewall, open ports 139,445 for tcp/udp on your LAN addresses only
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    Thanks for the help...but unfortunately it still doesn't work. I don't have any 3rd party firewalls either.

    I used to have wireless internet and we were able to connect then, but it hasn't worked ever since we got cable internet. So, I'm thinking that maybe the guy who set up our cable internet changed a setting on the computer - but then I can't think of a setting that would stop sharing that I haven't looked at already.

    I had tried the IP method before, but I tried it again anyway, and I got the famous "network path not found" error once again.
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    back to some basics: system A must be able to ping system B and conversely

    the ip method doesn't work for me either, but mapping the network drive does as long as:
    a) same workgroup
    b) simple file sharing enabled
    c) firewall enabled
    d) directory shared (r/o or allow mods as you please)
    e) the GUEST account password is set and known
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    if you can ,remove all nics and uninstall drivers
    in registery find and back up
    delete the nic setting long file string like this example
    {B4D814F8-4789-4CC2-BD92-5043A92FAB7B} found in
    shut down add nic reboot set nic to static
    I would disable simple file sharing
    try a new workgroup name
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