Capturing issues with AIW 7500

By toonarific
Aug 22, 2004
  1. Ok, here is the rundown. I have a Radeon AIW 7500 installed, and plan on using my Vegas 4.0 to capture, not the MMC that comes with the card. I have too much trouble with it, and it never works anyway, no matter how many different tutorial configuations I try. As it is, all the seems to be the problem is the stream itself. The audio comes through fine using my Audigy card.

    When I play anything through my vcr, I can only get the picture to badly appear using the analog cord. The A/V cord that comes with the card never seems to work, since I have never been able to get picture or sound through it. There has to be some configuration box somwhere that allows me to just change how the video comes through, so it appears as it should in Vegas, Sonic or any other capture program I want to use.

    And the tapes Im trying to capture do NOT have macro encoding, since they are homemade from tv. I know all about that stuff, so I know how to get around it if need be.

    So does anyone know how to just configure the card itself to make the video come through correctly? Thanx in advance
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