Card Reader disconnects itself

By gilloz
May 9, 2007
  1. I bought and install a 19-1 Internal Card Reader. It shows up in My Computer and Windows Explorer as 5 different Storage drives along with the USB icon in the System Tray, similar to when I plug in my Flash Drive Device in my USB socket. My problem is when I put my computer in the Standby or Sleep mode and at a later time Awake my computer, the USB icon is gone and my computer no longer sees my Card Reader. The only way I can get it back, so far, is by removing my side cover, unplugging the connector from the USB header pins and then reconnecting it. Is there a way to have the computer re-recognize the drive without having to physically unplug and replug the connector?
  2. Nodsu

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    You could check the manufacturer page in case they supply newer drivers for the cardreader.

    Also, you can go to Device Manager and tell Windows not to turn off cour cardreader device to save power.
  3. gilloz

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    Thanks Nodsu for your reply. It turns out that the only way for me to get the Card Reader back on line is to give it a Cold Boot. Warm Boot will not do it. I will prefer this over having to remove the side cover each time.
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