Career change (slightly) need advice

By cartera
Jan 5, 2014
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  1. I will try and keep this short but there is a lot of angles.

    I am a Sys admin for a mid sized business in London, 2 years ago I had a serious accident on the way home from work and I am no longer able to perform between 50 -60% of my duties. My department is a two man shop for multiple sites and we pretty much perform all IT related duties accept web development.

    We have changed workloads so that I deal with support calls and any screen based work (procurement, remote support, etc.) and my colleague does more labour intensive tasks like visiting sites, setting infrastructure up etc. this setup works currently but I see no upwards career progression and no future in it.

    Without going in to too much detail, my accident left me quadraplegic and wheelchair dependant. So there goes climbing ladders and running round the server room in a flap when our DC goes down and our redundancy plan does not work out. To add to this my hands are also badly affected, my left hand has wrist movement but no finger movement while my right hand has reduced finger movement and strength. I can use a keyboard quite well (touch typing is out the window however) and I have a trackball mouse which allows normal navigation.

    Now the question - I want to move away from the Sys admin role and retrain for a role which I can better perform despite my injury. I have been thinking IT Security and have been looking for courses related to that. The problem is I don't know where to start and would like other peoples take on it. Problem shared is a problem halved and all that.



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