CCleaner has gone all Andriod

By ucould2
Apr 26, 2014
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  1. I am an avid user of Piriform products-click here-, and have proclaimed this before, also have been on their mailing list for some time. I have just recently been informed through that media that the program I admire for speeding up and maintaining my machine has just gone Android. I was hoping that I'd be able to install it on and older device that has less inboard storage which has been filled to overflowing with apps purged and filled back up again. But it is not compatible with Google+ (GooglePlay) it only has the old “Market” so I miss a lot of good apps (Garmin~Asus nüvifone A50-click here-). Just to prove that it could clean out all the “Old Cobwebs” and make the phone a little bit crisper.
    So I’ve loaded the Beta Release on my Sony Tablet p and it worked straight out of the box (it’s supposed to be a ‘Beta’) there are three menu items (I) Cleaner, here lies the main features, Analyse and Clean functions, for cleansing your Cache and browser History (this is a Tablet so no call logs for me!) (ii) App Manager, this is where you could uninstall an app of your choice. I chose to uninstall Foursquare (which came with device and I have not even used it once) and the Tablet did not force stop. Also this is where you can view the system apps I tried to uninstall the PSM (it told me that it would be replaced with the factory installed app) it does not look like I can remove some things I have no use for, probably need to ‘root’ for that (iii) System Info, a round donut ring shows the CPU work load, with the Sony device you have a browser that you can run on top of whatever you are doing. So I was able to watch the processor working, see the RAM, SD Card space as with the Internal storage. Of the four widget style monitors one is a green Battery worm which shows the current level and the current temperature reading.
    The version (v1.00.11) was released on April 3, 2014, this is available from Google App store, and you just need to join the Beta Community Group. There are some more expected features coming, “Process management and RAM cleaning, Custom folder cleaning” as well as something for the rooted devices too,,,
    Snap-shot from the GooglePlay page;
    Piriform page has- 71 256 members so far
    Installs- 50,000 - 100,000
    Requires Android- 1.6 and up
    Last Updated- April 17, 2014
    Current Version and Size- Varies with device
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