CD Burner/Audio Problem

By fredley
Dec 22, 2007
  1. I just installed a Memorex CD-RW burner because my DVD-RW stopped working with cd burning. The drive works fine and burns cds perfect, but whenever i am burning a cd, my computer audio becomes all skippy and scratchy. I dont know why this does this, maybe i plugged in the wrong power supply or something but it is really strange and really annoying.
  2. jamal almoqeem

    jamal almoqeem TS Rookie

    if you can play sounds and music , and if your windows playing sound when you start it then your sound card is ok , if not then go to the next steps.

    1-go to device manager and take a look on the audio driver if it is showing a question mark then reinstall the audio driver and restart your pc .
    2-make sure that the audio and video pci cards is seated in its slot well.
    3-make sure the audio wire is not pluged into the cd writer ( only power supply jack is connected to your cd writer along with data cable )
    4-make sure that the cd roms are defined correctly if you have more than one cd rom or writer ( one cd rom should be master and the other is slave ) the data cable end should be connected to the master cd rom , and the middle jack should be fixed to the slave cd rom.
    5- try to change the power supply jack to the cd rom with other one from power supply .

    also check if you have connected the power supply to correct ac , some times power supply can cause a lot of problems if its not producing a correct volatage to the drivers .

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