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Sep 28, 2005
  1. Ok i have a problem with my cd burner and i have no idea how to fix it or why its doing it. Everytime i go to burn a cd i put a fresh blank cd in but my computer always says the cd is not empty or blank when it is can somebody please help me
  2. SNGX1275

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    Find your drive in Device Manager. Then right click on it and uninstall. Then Reboot. In theory this will force windows to redetect the drive and hopefully fix the problem.
  3. BillGates

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    how many cd burning programs do you have on your computer and when was the last time you cleaned the lense of the cd burner.

    Before you start burning again just do a simulation or test burn to see if that works after you have uninstalled the driver and reinstalled the driver.

    If that doesn't work then uninstall all of your cd burner programs, then just install one of them. I had this problem when I had roxio easy cd creator and nero on the same computer. Over time the burns keep getting slower the buffer speed started to go down and then finally I had your problem or at the end of every burn could not finalize or burn error, etc.
  4. bushwhacker

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    it happened to me when i wasted 15 backup cds with NERO, NERO uses less buffer speed and wasted my cds, i uninstall it and install it, it works

    make sure your UltraBuffer or Buffer setting are set in auto, if still having plms, set it manual and have it on 80mb ram of buffer ready. Dont run any application while burning.

  5. critterkimus

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    How do i do this please help me my cd burner is doin the same thing sayin that i dont have a empty cd when i do i have used so many different blank cds so i can burn something and it wont so please help me!!!!!
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