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By jhaynes
Aug 30, 2008
  1. Hi

    I wanted to burn a cd today only to find i could'nt, I thought I had something called roxio, I havent used it for about a year, but for some reason its no longer there, I have'nt deleted anything. I have real player but the cd burner is disabled. Can someone advise me on what to do get it set up again, and do I have to pay. I am a bit thick when it comes to the tech side of computers, so please keep it simple.

  2. CCT

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    Roxio quite often is included with retail DVD recorder/player's like the LG.

    Do you have a support disk like that?
  3. jhaynes

    jhaynes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes I have Thanks, I didn't realize. I reinstalled it, its fine now. It's just that when someone fixes a problem on my laptop it usually comes back with 2 more problems, I could'nt understand why I could'nt burn the cd when it was ok before, also I cant play my DVD's where as I could before. Anyway thanks for your help, I appreciate it.
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