cd rw probs sony crx230ee oem version

By gaz182004
Aug 14, 2006
  1. i got the oem version because it was a strait swap the jumpers are the same as the old cd-rw that was in the tower but nero wont even use the drive that i have it came with no disks etc so i was wondering if ne1 knew of ne free software that is avaliable to get this drive running. any suggestions will ber greatly appreciated

  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    WHat version of Nero?(5,6,7?) is it the latest update for that version?

    There are numerous freeware alternatives. like DeepBurner, CD Burner XP Pro, Burn4Free, SilentNightMicro Burner, Etc.
  3. Dan_Sarandon

    Dan_Sarandon TS Rookie

    In my experience only BHA software is 100% compatible with (i.e. supports all features of) Sony 230s... That said Nero (et al) should (at least) recognize the drive and support basic operations. It may behoove you to verify the drive's proper detection/recognition by the OS (via DM) and system hardware (via BIOS)...

    FWIW it has been my experience that the Sony CRX230 series are the most reliable, longest-lived CD-RW drives available on the 'consumer-grade market' (Specifically maintenance of tracking precision and LASER diode service-life far exceed -- and I mean far exceed -- even the most liberal MTBF figures for its class)!!! [​IMG]

    Good luck!

    Best regards
    Dan :D
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