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Apr 14, 2007
  1. Is it possible for a CD to slip off the vertical drive and fall into the drive? I'm using a vertical Dell PC, inserted the disk, but when I opened the drive, the CD wasn't there. Without taking apart the PC, I used a flashlight to see if I could see the CD, and I can't. But, is it possible for the CD to have fallen off the drive and remained inside the secured drive? Another CD was put in and read by the computer with no problems, and the drive continues to open and close.
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    Try and put a little more of a descriptive title to your posts "Help" is not a proper title. Something like "CD Stuck" would be much better. Anyway, welcome to TechSpot...

    When a CD drive is mounted vertically there are tabs on the CD tray that should be positioned so that they will hold the vertical CD in place. If the CD drive opens and closes fully, there is no CD caught inside the drive. I suspect that the CD drive is faulty. The only way to check this is to remove the CD drive and remove it's cover. Have a computer savvy friend or a computer shop take care of this for you. It should take 15 minutes or so
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    You can't see the CD, and it drive is working fine. Is the CD in there? Did someone come along and take it out? I would make sure it is in there first. Plus, if yo ucan remove the cd drive, it is not that hard to open them. You need a screwdriver. It's pretty hard to break a CD drive if you make it a point to not poke at the circuits and stuff. So just be aware of what you are touching, and you should be able to fix this yourself in about 10 minutes, assuming the CD is in fact in the drive somehow.
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    Sometimes you can recover the missing CD using sticks of wood similar to memory boards or milk nickle sticks but without the abrasives. You will usually find the cd at the back of the drive.
    It is easier for me to remove the drive from the computer, then stick a straigntened paper clip into the little hole on the bezel to open the drive, then shake the drive gently for several minutes until the Cd works its way out of the drive.
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    Is there any reason you can't set the PC horizontally? That is by far the simpliest and easiest way to get the disk out, it will come to rest right back on the tray and eject. Although I suspect if you can't see the disk with a flashlight, there was probably never a disk in there to begin with.
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