CDRW Installation

By Lexpddl
Mar 17, 2004
  1. I recently purchased a Sony CRX225E, but did not come with any cables,power cord, or brackets....

    I am new at installing hardware of this type, can you tell me what cables, power cord and brackets I need

  2. RealBlackStuff

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    You will need 4 mounting screws (2 on each side) to mount the CDRW in one of your empty 5 1/4" slots. You don't need brackets.
    Attach a power-cable from your power-supply onto the CDRW (red-black-black-yellow).

    Assuming you already have a harddisk and a normal CD-rom in your PC, you have the following possibilities:

    From your mobo there are grey flat cables (or round coloured ones) running to your harddisk and your CDrom.
    If one cable goes to the HD and the other goes to the CDrom, check that your CDrom is set to Master and your new CDRW should be set to Slave (with the little black jumpers on the back of CDrom and CDRW). The grey cable from mobo to CDrom should have an extra black connector. Attach that at the back of your CDRW, observing that the red-ribbon on the side must correspond with pin 1 on your CDRW (should be marked on your CDRW).

    If HD and CDrom are both attached to the same grey/round cable, you will need a second grey/round IDE-cable. This needs to be attached on your mobo, next to the other grey/round cable.
    The other end goes in the back of your CDRW. You must set the CDRW to master now.

  3. Lexpddl

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    Thanks for the quick reply, I am going to try to install this weekend
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