Changing a pentium chip

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I am trying to find out if you can change a pentium processor chip in my Dell Dimension XPS 700r it has a P3 900mhz is there anyway I could make it faster I am at max memory


You can run this reputable online check
You must allow full access if prompted

This is Not spyware or anything like that, it basically tells you all that is on your system. and then if you click the processor (CPU) on LHS it will tell you what the maximum CPU is that you can install.

You can also check your Ram and so forth

Please let me know the outcome of this online hardware (quick) scan.


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You will have real trouble trying to make a faster module to work. 900 MHz is close to the top speed you can use on that P3 board. You can get a new Dell for $399. Other PIII processors will have special requirements which are difficult, unless you buy the expensive upgrade from Dell... and they probably no longer sell. it.
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