Changing Dell desktops to removable drives

By Mn19.89z
Aug 14, 2013
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  1. Hi,

    I have several Dell desktops (745, 755, GX260, T5500, Etc) all Win7 and Server 2008, that have factory hard drives; I want to make them removable drives. In the past

    I have special ordered desktops with T-7 units from Dell.

    Now, I need to make about 20 desktops removable drive desktops, any ideas, Dell says I can't really add a Dell sponsored caddy / cage.

    My other issue is I have to add whole disk encryption to it, TrueCrypt is perfect.

    I also have to add USB tape backup unit. Q: does anyone have an USB portable tape backup unit and encrypting the hard drive and tape?



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