Changing homepage on domain account

By k.jacko
May 26, 2009
  1. Hi all,

    right annoying problem here as it seem to be an isolated case.

    Lenovo laptop configured with a user 'domain account'
    Domain GPO dictates that google is the homepage for all domain accounts.
    When logged in to the laptop as admin that is surely the case.
    However when logged in as a user, the homepages are a microsoft one and, so 2 pages pop up and its sooooo annoying. I cannot alter the default homepage in IE Tools as this account isn't admin.
    1. Why isn't it adopting the GPO settings?
    2. Where else could i possibly alter the homepage?

    I've configured quite a few laptops already with domain accounts and none have caused an issue so far.

    Any advice appreciated, before this damned Lenovo grows wings and sails out the windows at a greta rate of knots!!

    Thanks :)
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