Changing vista to xp now I can't get wireless

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Dec 23, 2008
  1. I brought an e systems 3090uk laptop its ok not too fast eough for what i wanted and also changed it to xp as i couldnt do what i wanted with it!!! i put belkin wireless router and adaptor onto it but noticed it was wireless anyway? but carried on the same, my belkin adaptor got broken so tried to get back to my built in wireless but to my horror its gone????? i can only connect direct to modem!! how can i download the software i need to get wireless back up and running? my belkin router is stil working but my laptop isnt? i have BELARC installed, along with uniblue power suite 2009thats got driver downloads on it and notes that my driver needs updating but when i do it says the laptop doesnt match the required min standard to complete download??? pls help me get wireless back pls pls pls!
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    You need to download the drivers.
    Goto the Drivers/Download section of your manufacture's, find your model, then download the wireless drivers. Good luck, lots of manufactures aren't making XP drivers available for their Vista models. You can still get them, it's just a PITA.

    Also, please use at least somewhat better punctuation. It makes your post easier to read and us more likely to help.
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    Sorry about the punctuation must be my english brummie accent lol. I have tried but failed dramatically with the above information, i can find graffic and sound drivers but not one for wireless i know for sure its a E Systems 3090uk device i will attach a dxdiag for you so you have details of the laptop sorry as you can see im not much good with computers lol
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    You can run any number of free system information programs like Everest, SIW, Sandra, etc.

    You can also try an online driver scanner like Driver Agent. I've had really good success with that site.
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