Cheap laptop battery does not fully charge

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hi guys,
I recently purchased a 7200mah 10.8v battery from Ebay, for my toshiba m205-s4806 laptop. (to replace the 10.8v original battery)
Instead, I got a 7800mah 11.1V battery. unsurprisingly, the front LED charging light never goes green, and the charging meter (win xp) goes up to 100% but stays on "charging" without changing to "on ac power" like with my older battery. Either the battery is f**ked, or more likely - the laptop is not designed to give sufficient voltage for this battery.

Here's my question though. I can deal with the battery icon not changing, as long as I know for sure that it doesn't draw more current than a battery that reports "I'm full". I'm about to start traveling with the laptop and I need a long lasting battery that will spare my vehicle's battery as much as possible. I think that when this battery goes to the closest it's going to get to be fully charged, the computer power circuit is not able to charge the battery anymore and thus there is no loss, and the laptop will actually draw just the power that it needs to keep running.

also, I get about 2.5 - 3 hours of run time, from a supposedly 7800mah battery, sound a bit too short no? I just can't recall what I used to get from the original 4000mah (or so) battery.

I'm no good when it comes to electricity, so your help is appreciated, thanks!


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The "Cheap" laptop battery may not be compatible with the Toshiba laptop, but if you can get over 2.5 hours of runtime on it, be happy. I don't think the battery will damage the laptop
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