Cherry MX Silent switches promise tactile feedback without the noise


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Mechanical keyboards have exploded in popularity recently by offering a blend of typing precision along with a solid, clicking sensation under your fingers and the satisfying sound produced by each key press. For those in shared environments who want the travel and tactile feel of a mechanical keyboard without all the noise, however, Cherry Americas is set to introduce two silent key switches.

Previously available exclusively on Corsair's Strafe RGB keyboard, the MX Silent switches are now openly available in Black and Red stem varieties with standard and LED-backlit configurations for each.

The switches feature an actuation force of 45cN and less than 5ms bounce along with the company’s patent-pending noise reduction feature. They are said to offer a light linear feel and no pressure point on the red variety — if you bottom out often, you will find reds softer to your liking, since with the non-clicky but still audible brown switches you have to use stronger force (55g) to overcome the pressure point.

For those unfamiliar, keyboards using Cherry MX keyswitches make up the majority of the mechanical keyboard market. The company will be showing off its products at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegasnext month, so perhaps we’ll learn more about new keyboards coming to the market using the company’s new Silent MX switches.

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Uncle Al

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This seems to be another ever changing battle. When IBM introduced their first keyboard, it had significant resistance, seen as a great feature as compared to the old mechanical typewriters and some electric units too. Over time studies appeared that blamed them for carpi-tunnel, among other fatigue related injuries. Now we seem to be in a battle that goes back and forth every few years in order to keep sales high and understanding ... all but eliminated entirely.


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Have had the Strafe RGB Silent for a little over a year now, and enjoy it, responsive can be a little loud when the mic is too close to the keyboard but if I am doing just a small reply or a post on the Fbook, it suits its purpose fine. Maybe I will get one for work and use it there!