Chrome Remote Desktop loses beta tag, gains new features


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Last year, Google released a remote connection software plug-in for Chrome that allowed users to remotely access other PCs through the popular browser. The move was likely inspired by the need of extending functionality to Google's Chromebooks, which purposely come...

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This will be quite handy for those one-offs as mentioned. I have a few relatives who use netbooks equipped with Windows 7 Starter, so I cannot remote access them via Windows. They're all using Chrome, so this is a good solution. I know that there are other remote desktop solutions, but they tend to feel daunting to those "on the other end of the phone".


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As long as they dont work with encrypted master passwords like Firefox I'm not getting into it.

I hate integrated password managers.


Looks interesting, though it looks like you have to have and sign-in to a Google account to have this work. I find TeamViewer works great, especially for the one off, it's quite easy to setup on both ends with no account or personal information required.