Clean install video settings wrong

By eyemfedup2
Sep 30, 2009
  1. hey
    i just did a clean xp install
    everything seemed to go as normal
    now i have a black screen with a square bouncing around telling me not optimum mode:
    recommended mode 1280*1040
    with a smaller yellow box with a question ? mark in it

    the monitor is a samsung gh17ls

    tried pushing auto nothing...

    has nvidia card

    tried both board and card video same thing

    tried removing cmos batt hoping something would come up

    new Hitachi drive

    tried every key to say yes

    tried to reinstall OS again its like its stuck waiting for an answer

    but i dont know which key does it

    this all happened after successful install
    and upon reboot

    now when i turn machine on/off it doesn't go trough a bios boot up
    just that stupid bouncing, menacing square

    help oh great and wise ones
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