cmos check sum error help please

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just recently got my backup computer out of storage and booted it up. got a cmos checksum error defaults loaded message with a press f1 to continue when I pressed f1 I lost my video all that shows is a green screen on monitor like I get when monitor is on but computer is off. any ideas will be greatly appreciated


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How dust and moisture free was Storage.
You might need to do a real good cleaning in that box, clean & reseat teminals, etc.
For sure put in a new CMOS battery.
thank you, will give that a shot and see if that fixes the prob. will let you know one way or the other. didn't get wet as far as i can see but storage units have a 3 inch gap at top of walls between units so got a little dusty.


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Checksum error happens when ur Motherboard Battery is Weak and needs replacing... try changing ur motherboard Battery
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