CMOS Jumper In Wrong Place, What To Do?

By CrazyCrisUk
Sep 6, 2007
  1. Hi,
    To put if breifly I was wiping the cmos after some trouble I'd had with my PC, I got distracted and when I went back I powered up the computer with the cmos jumper still in the wipe position. It won't boot to windows and seems pretty messed up, anybody know if how I could get around this?? I'm I right in thinking I could flash the bios, I haven't personally done that before so if somebody could speak me through what to do I'd be most appreciative...

    Thanks in advance,
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    i did that with an old 400mhz ibm
    unplug from wall put back jumper reboot should be OK
    if not and it wiped the bios chip
    you need new chip as in order to flash bios ,bios needs firmware
    a trick replace with chip from same machine,after boot and on load of flash upgrade utility remove good chip install bad and flash away
    there is co, that sells a piggy back device with switch to switch back and forth between 2 chips very ex$$$$
  4. CrazyCrisUk

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    Many thanks for your replies, I decided to do the old fashion take it apart and put it back together aproach. I put it back together with just the single stick of ram, no soundcard etc, and it aloud me to enter the bios, much fiddling later and the problems solved!!!

    Seems abit weird that it wasn't working at first but thats just the way it always is lol,

    Thanks again,
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