Code 10 on secondary drive after road transport

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Hello All,

We just moved across the country, and the computer was in the rental truck for 3500 miles. Evidently, the secondary drive sustained some kind of physical shaking/jarring along the way... The primary drive (running XP) boots and works just fine. The secondary drive (WD Caviar 80GB SE) gets a code 10 (device cannot start)--though it is recognized in the devices list.

Without simply saying something like "it's dead, dude", if anyone can suggest something constructive for repairing the drive, or retrieving the data, I'd be grateful. (I have also tried installing it on another computer, with the same results.)



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If you have tried the Hard Drive in another computer and recived the same error Code 10

Then the HardDrive must have failed

But in saying that, Code 10 also means that not all drivers have loaded, and therefore both computers may not have the Hard Drive controllers installed (ie a Sata drive)

Depending on oif you had important information on it, you could try to remove/repair the partition, using Gparted

How does that sound ?
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