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Code 12 in xp on a Pci to Pci bridge, Recieve a code 12 error with video card

By logan_macio_77 ยท 9 replies
Jun 30, 2005
  1. I have a HP 522c AMD Athlon 2000+, running windows xp. There is an integrated video card that went bad. So in installed an AGP video card it is a 3D Prophet 4000XT 32 MB. Now that the card is installed when I have it activated there is a code 12 on one of the pci to pci bridges so that my network card in the other pci slots will not work. I have tried the network card on other computers and it works fine, i have also tried the video card and it works fine. I also tried other items in the pci slots while the agp card is in(modem, sound card) and i still recieve the same error. The card works when a pci bridge is enabled but only with the VGAsave driver and with very low quality. When i check the device manager while both pci to pci bridges are enabled, when i can only run the VGAsave driver, it says the there is a conflict under the I/O range with the VGAsave and an Pci to Pci bridge. Any windows updates just delets the pci to pci bridge listed in the device manager. And i have tried all the drivers i could from AMD, HP, Hercules. Any help would be welcomed on how to fix this.
  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,554

    your hp box is not only engineered by hp (who tend to focus on low assembly costs) but is an oem build, thus severely limiting your options. a suggested next step would be to attempt to poke around in the bios setup utility and/or to try out a wider variety of cards/slot configurations. good luck.
  3. compguy

    compguy TS Rookie Posts: 160

    logan PLEASE read this: http://www.computerbb.org/about1976.html

    It will really help you out with the problem. Here is another web site it should help you out alot: http://www.monmouth.com/~fah/saga.htm

    Good luck,

    Sebastian :wave: :wave:
  4. logan_macio_77

    logan_macio_77 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Got it fixed

    Thanks for your help....but i just broke down and put in a video card with 16 mb....that took care of it........i don't need alot of power from video...just needed it to work.
  5. james89000

    james89000 TS Rookie

    Ati radeon 9200 upgrade from intel extreme graphics , pci , code 12 error

    I have a similar problem to this
    I have another thread in the video section

    Good luck to you

  6. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,397   +37

    James, wait for a reply in ur own thread. It doesn't help to post the same thing in three different threads. It's pretty annoying. Just be patient and you'll get a reply in ur own thread.
  7. james89000

    james89000 TS Rookie

    oh crap im sorry

    ah i can take the other messages off

    didnt mean to be annoying and stuff

    sorry !!
  8. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,397   +37

    Nah, I didn't mean to scare u or anything. I just wanted to tell u not to do it again. It's better to have one thread that addresses all ur problems, than sifting through several threads for replies from different people, innit?
  9. james89000

    james89000 TS Rookie

    very true !
    lol well thanks anyway

    cyaz around :D
  10. guitarjoa

    guitarjoa TS Rookie

    having the same problem....

    Hi guys I'm new here... I have a similar problem with my hp 550 laptop. I've installed a creative soundblaster x-fi extreme audio notebook in the mini pci express port, but it doesn't work. Also the code 12 error; not enough recources.
    The funny thing is: after trying various things, reinstalling and stuff it still didn't work. But today, for an hour or so everything worked fine. So I was happy but didnt understand why. But now again we're back to where it started.
    I really don't have a clue to what I should do.
    Please help me!
    sari abdelkader likes this.
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