Coinbase has been insuring Bitcoin deposits for nearly a year

By Shawn Knight
Sep 1, 2014
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  1. One of the major concerns surrounding virtual currencies like Bitcoin is security. Because cryptocurrencies aren't backed by a central bank, there's nobody to complain to should someone steal your holdings.

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  2. Bitcoin was on rise because of Cryptopunks and anonymity lovers, now Bitcoin appears to be advanced financial tracking instrument:) Opposite of initial purpose. But there is a solution for that issue - new true CryptoPunk cryptocurrency - duckNote [XDN]. duckNote will be a trend of 14/15 season, beleive me, I am cryptocurrency "veteran" since 2011 year.
  3. Let's play word association; Mt. Gox, Bitcon. I doubt these guys will get a bailout like AIG did. Don't forget, you need electricity for these things to work

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