Combine XP Partition without deleting data

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Dec 18, 2009
  1. i have XP SP2 with 2 logical drives, C (10+G) and D(50+G)

    C has XP and some data (almost full)
    D has almost all data (lot of free space)

    i want to combine C and D partition in to one C (60+G)

    - what's best way to approach this?
    - is there any freeware that do this if not what other application easy ?
    - am i going to loose data of any drive, if yes what's alternative?

    Appreciate any help on this...
  2. LookinAround

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    I don't know if there's a Partition Manager with a single "merge" function but you can accomplish what you want with either of two good freeware products
    > EASUS Partition Master or
    > Gparted

    You would need to Resize the partitions so you make the space to copy the data from one to the other. And then finally Delete the partition you no longer need.

    I've never had a problem with Resizing my partitions, but is still a good idea to backup your data before doing the operations to be careful.
  3. gbhall

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    If you would listen to the advice of an 'old stager', you would leave things as they are. There are many advantages to having a separation of OS and data. The main one is ability to take an OS image to Drive D: In the event of a foul-up by MS during a monthly update, or an irremovable virus infection, you can restore from your image and be working again in approximately 10 minutes.

    If you have separate add-on storage like a plug-in drive this does not apply, of course, so a second reason to put forward is the time taken to take a secure image, of 10Gb against the time to image 60Gb.

    I suspect your main incentive for wanting to combine the drives is they are both so small that you are concerned about running out of 'head-room' on one or both. The answer of course, is add another 500Gb drive as drive E: Move data on D: to E: and swap the drive letters (E: to X:, D: to E:, then X: to E: ) or other alternatives, like merging C: and D: as you originally wanted, but still keeping data on a separate drive.

    BTW, you really should update to SP3, it will soon be the only variant that will continue to receive security updates from MS,
  4. javastring

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    i used EASEUS to remove 30G of space from D and now it show unallocated. Then i selcted C drive and clicked resize but i dont get an option to add that 30G to C.

    How can i add unallocated space to C?

    Note: C is listed as primary and D is listed as logical
  5. gbhall

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    I think you have not deleted the primary partition in which D: was a logical partition. It has to have been originally inside a primary partition. You need to be certain it was not also occupied by C: then C: is also a logical drive. Examine what the descriptions are in Easueus.

    Once you have deleted the primary partition that used to hold D: you just use the mouse to grab the right-hand edge and pull it to the right.
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