Comic book legend Stan Lee passes away at the age of 95


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If you consider yourself a fan of superhero films or movies -- no matter which universe they take place in -- you have probably heard of Stan Lee. The man was a living legend among superhero lovers and for good reason.

As the co-creator of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee is the reason we have some of the most popular entertainment franchises out there, including Spider-Man and The Avengers. While his involvement with his creations dwindled as he aged, Lee still managed to make time for brief cameos in virtually every Marvel movie released since 1989.

Unfortunately, Lee's time among us has come to an end. As reported by TMZ, he passed away today due to health complications, which may have included pneumonia. The outlet says an ambulance "rushed" to Lee's home early this morning, but doctors at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center were unable to save him.

As sad as this news is, it's worth mentioning that Lee lived a long, full life. Born in December of 1922, the man lived to be an impressive 95 years old, and he was still remarkably active in his last few years on the planet if his many cameos are anything to go by.

For the unaware, Lee got his start in the comics industry in 1939, working as an assistant at Timely Comics, according to Gamespot. Throughout his career, he's co-created many popular Marvel superhero franchises, including Daredevil, Captain America, and The Incredible Hulk.

Outside of the Marvel universe, Lee also found some success with his "Superhumans" TV show. The documentary series followed host Browning Smith (the "most flexible man in the world") as he traveled the world seeking out, testing, and interviewing individuals with real-life superpowers - or as close as one can get in the real world.

Rest in peace, Stan Lee - he may be gone, but his legacy certainly won't be forgotten.

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Thanks to those cameos in Marvel movies, he will be easily remembered. Hope they have already made his scenes in next Avengers and Captain Marvel movies. It will be pity to not be in those two last movies.
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His wife of around 70 years passed away last year. A lot of times, when one spouse of a 60+ year relationship passes, sometimes, the other one just "gives up" and "wills" themselves to pass. They just can't handle going on, without the other, understandably.
May he rest in peace.

Joe Blow

RIP Stan! And now for the good news. Now is the time for the geeks to get out of their mom's basements, get out out of their Underoos and get a life.