Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun and Firestorm expansion released as freeware

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Feb 15, 2010
  1. EA has pushed out Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun as well as its expansion pack Firestorm absolutely free of charge. Released in '99, Tiberian Sun is a sequel to 1995's Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and continues the struggle for world domination between the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod. Less than a year later, Firestorm was introduced and it follows the events of the GDI campaign of Tiberian Sun.

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  2. these games are classic many a hour was spent killing time playing the games that Westwood studios came up with and I still own them but my system is too new to run these old game my video card drivers just keeps rejecting them and crashing the game

    I wish some one would remake these games with updated video and sound say in 64 bit
    but this will never be because there is not enough money in PC games anymore and modern day ethics will not allow it either too close to the real thing
  3. tonylukac

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    Try installing microsoft virtual pc and on it windows 98. You can get a copy of windows 98 on ebay, or perhaps you have an old one lying around.
  4. Relic

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    Great games and one of my favorite RTS series of all time :D ! I recommend this to anyone wanting to play a true classic of the RTS world. They are by far the best of the franchise too.

    And guest check out the instructions they have linked, some folks on cncworld say they got the 64bit versions to work.
  5. HaMsTeYr

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    I've actually still got these new games and i still play them on my ASUS laptop with a 9650M GT and a Core 2 processor. all it took for me was to run it in XP compatibility mode.
  6. NIce

    maxed out my DL as well @ 2.4MB/s
  7. If you have Windows 7, download windows xp mode and you'll be able to run any of these fine.
  8. Awesome and brutal games, though the unit responses can get a bit repetitive after a while.
    The infantry screaming is priceless :D
  9. what about multiplayer, i need to kick some butt, heard win7 does not have the right network protocol.

    if all else fails is there a modern game to play thats like tibsun, didnt like the later versions with time machines and temporal stuff
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