Command Prompt Windows - How to open and copy/paste to command prompt windows

By LookinAround
Mar 1, 2009
  1. Command Prompt Window - How to Open and Copy/ Paste to command prompt windows

    How to Open / Copy / Paste to Command Prompt Windows
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    XP: How to open a command prompt window
    1. Click Start->Run
    2. Type cmd in the Run box
    Vista: How to open an elevated command prompt window
    There are many methods to open an elevated command prompt in Vista. The method below describes
    => One-time setup to add Elevated Command Prompt to your Start Menu
    => Then simply click the item on your Start Menu menu whenever needed
    1. Click Start. Enter cmd in Start Search
    2. Note cmd.exe appears. Rt click to copy it and paste the file where ever you choose
    3. Rename the file to Elevated Prompt.exe (or whatever you want)
    4. Rt click, select Properties then Compatibility tab. Check Run this program as administrator. Click OK
    5. Rt click the file again, select Pin to Start Menu
    6. From now on, anytime you need an elevated command prompt just click the item on your Start Menu
    XP and Vista: How to copy / paste to a command prompt Window
    • Set QuickEdit Mode to enable copy/paste
      => Rt click the top left corner of the command prompt window, select Properties, check QuickEdit Mode and then OK
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • To copy, click and drag with your left-mouse button to select text in a Command Prompt Window, then right-click
    • To paste, either at the command prompt or in a text file, right-click

      If you want to learn about configuring other command prompt window options click here
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