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Comp has power but doesn't boot every time

By krazykat ยท 9 replies
Mar 7, 2008
  1. Hi,
    I have an emachine comp that has always had trouble restarting. If I try to restart it it gets stuck at the e machines logo. I have always just shut it down and then rebooted to avoid this. Now it gets power after I turn it on, all fans working, hard drive running, cd drive running and everything but the monitor gets no signal. I tried to start it many times but just ended up with the same results until now. It is running fine again all of the sudden with no change at all so obviously it is not the monitor. Does anyone know about what causes this to happen? I am afraid I will be stuck with it just not starting at all at one point if I don't find out what is wrong.

    Thank you so much for your help!
  2. BILL_S

    BILL_S TS Rookie

    I had a long reply and it got lost completely so to narrow this attempt down...
    Check for connections at the terminals, also dust and corrosion over time, as well as spotty HDD things like reading errors via blemishes on the discs surfaces can cause delayed reading. It's the same as most other electronics's symptoms in this regard.
    That's my opinion because you can't see what the CPU and computer are actually getting stuck on, however, if the HDD light is constant, assume it is a read error.

    Also, you will have extra AGP or PCI only slots, add a back up video card to insure you have a fall back! The onboard video connections can fail due to the cheap overall construction of eMachines' Mobos (TriGEM)
  3. krazykat

    krazykat TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Please help!

    I have read the e machines thread and now I am afraid anything I do is a waste. I have a T6410 that is about 2 1/2 yrs old.

    The comp completely crashed recently...still not sure why but I just got another hard drive Dvd drive, because OS "could not be copied correctly" and OS OEM version of course, so I don't want to have to buy a new Mobo if I have to buy another copy of windows. Anyways the comp still didn't work and I found out it could be the memory so I took out the newest of it and the thing worked fine, including the old hard drive. When I put the old memory back in it couldn't boot.

    Anyway I got that taken care of and now the thing wouldn't boot at all the other day. It got power everything was working fine but no signal to the monitor. After serveral unsucessful restarts I gave up for a while. I came back to it about and hour later and it booted to the emachine screan and then stopped. I restarted it again and now it works fine.

    This is soo weird to me I don't know much about this so I really need some help.

  4. krazykat

    krazykat TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks BILL_S

    I have recently cleaned out the comp because of the crash before this one. All the connection seem to be fine.
    I have an extra ATI Radeon video card (for gaming)
    Because of crash before this, the hard drive with the OS on it is brand new. I did not manage to check and see if the light was steady or not but will keep that in mind for the future.
    The strangest thing is the mother board is ATI too. I know it sounds crazy but that is what it says. Maybe I lucked out and got a good motherboard I dunno....

    It started fine today...maybe it overheated?

    I am sorry you had to try so hard to get your post to come through:(
    Thanks for your help
  5. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,231   +234

    The power supply should be replaced or swapped, no questions asked, first. I'm afraid that the motherboard may be on it's way out, but replaceing the power supply is the easiest place to start
  6. krazykat

    krazykat TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I looked at the specs online. Apparently that PS it came with is 300W and just because of the video card I need a 325W. I have no Idea what I need now that I have another hard drive in it. Maybe the other day it just overheated or something. I am running it now with the side of the case off (I donno if this will help).
  7. krazykat

    krazykat TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Wow I was trying to see how many pins the power supply I get should be and it is a 20 pin but the mobo is a 24 pin is that strange? Should I just get a 24 then?
  8. BILL_S

    BILL_S TS Rookie

    Hi again, I just bought the 24 pin HP replacement for an HP Kayak server of mine, however you can buy an adapter or try it in the normal corner it plugs into, may work fine either way.

    I doubt ATI made a motherboard for an eMachine, since they are in the business of graphics only.
    You may want to see about a picture reference or more information in case someone did already replace it?
    With ATX and miniATX, a board swap can be done, as I did with a failed eMachine I got from work. The infamous AM37 motherboard is very spendy to replace with the same one!
  9. krazykat

    krazykat TS Rookie Topic Starter

    so the mobo finally kicked the bucket after 2 1/2 yrs of use. I will never get another emachines computer and hope word is getting out about how crappy they are. All I have left from the original system now is the keyboard and a hard drive:(
  10. marmitey

    marmitey TS Rookie

    I had one. Spent $280 for it at Walmart. I have to agree with you. Its a sorry state of a computer to buy. They dont last long at all. I had mine for 8 mths and Walmart and Gateway didnt want to know. I have to throw the system away and start again.. Its not worth it parting it out
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