compaq 2105 power connector has come loose

By chippster01
Jun 11, 2007
  1. I have a compaq preserio 2105 laptop, I have been having trouble with the ac power connector it has worked makes contact sometime but most of the time will not power the computer or charge the battery.
    Does anyone know where I can find a diagram or manual on this computer so I can take it apart and see if I can fix the connector myself without haveing to send it back to compaq and pay outragous prices to get it fixed. I have no experience working on laptops, have worked on desktops but laptops are outside my scope of experience..
    thanks for any and all help ahead of time.
    yes cct, the cord seems to be ok, but the connector on the back of the computer that it plugs into moves around and that does not seem right. intermitant power when wiggled and held just right will supply power, but not all the time
    thanks for the reply

    Thanks to all who responded and helped me with this problem, I am in the process of getting it taken care of... darrell
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    Are you talking about a detachable ac cord from the wall plug to your ac/dc coverter?
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