Compaq CD drive removal

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Jul 6, 2005
  1. Can any tell me how the CD and DVD drives are locked into the case of a Compq Presario 5000 and how to remove them. They do not have the quick release tabs like the hard drive and no visible screws. Any assistance greatly appreciated!
  2. poertner_1274

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    Did you take both sides off of the case? I'm not exactly sure how it is secured into that particular case, but taking both sides off is usually necessary.

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  3. tdeg

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    It may be attached on the bottom to the tray it is sitting on (if it is). You have to take out the screws for the tray, remove it, and then you can take out the CD-ROM.

    At least its something like that on my 5050.
  4. patio

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    Some have a lever lock on the bottom of the enclosure...this is usually an l shaped piece of metal that releases the drive when squeezed upwards...
    Make sure you are properly grounded and that the power cord on the back of the machine is dis-connected.

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  5. JWarpin

    JWarpin TS Rookie

    Did you ever figure out how to remove it? I have a Compaq Presario 5000 as well and I spent 2 hours yesterday trying to figure this out. Any additional help would be appreciated.
  6. mailpup

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    The manual for your PC should have that procedure in it. If you don't have a manual, you can find that information on the HP website (Compaq is part of HP).

    A short search located this: Installing or replacing a CD drive
  7. JWarpin

    JWarpin TS Rookie

    Thank you! Unfortunately, that info is for new models or something. mine has no screws. But you pointed me in the right direction and I am trying now to find my model's specs.
  8. meatro

    meatro TS Rookie

    I just went through this nice little ordeal.

    On the front of the computer is that little cd holder pop out thing, open it. There's 2 little holes to pop off the colored plate. pull it off, you'll find the tabs to remove the drive on the front, underneath the colored plate. :)
  9. mailpup

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    BTW, those instructions included the screwless mounts too.
  10. meatro

    meatro TS Rookie

    yes, they are screwless mounts that clip onto the sides of the CD drive.

    but i'm pretty sure you are having the same problem as i was, i just about went insane trying to remove that drive from the inside. just pop off the colored plate and the clips are on the side. the drive will slide right out.
  11. JWarpin

    JWarpin TS Rookie

    I went insane with it too! i didn't realize that the top part of the front of the tower comes off. figured it out though, and the new drive is working great!

    i gotta say, the Compaq tech support sucked. she was trying to tell me that i bought the computer used and the place i bought it from removed the screws. i told her there were no screws and the drive wont move. she then tells me that i have to remove the drive from the front of the computer...duh! whatever...its all good now.
  12. hace

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    Almost right (for a model 5BW160 - Presario 5000 series)
    (1) takeo off the left side cover, (2) near the front, at the bottom of the internal drive cage is a plastic lever, flip it down, (3) now open the front plastic CD holder cover (the bottom gray plastic thing), (4) there are two finger holes at the bottom of the top plastic cover - pull the top cover loose (note if you're scared to put a lot of pressure on it, you can use a small flat screwdriver through those holes to lift back the two tabs holding the cover on), (5) with the top cover off, pinch in the two plastic tabs on the side of the drive you want and pull it forward (note disconnect the IDE cable and power cable (and audio if there is one) before pulling the drive too far out), (6) pull off the two side rails from the old drive (they just push in and pull out) - but note which rail comes off which side (I'm not sure if they can be inserted upside down or not, so just keep track of which one goes on which side), (7) push the side rails onto the new drive (note you have to really push hard on the metal part of the rail to seat it properly - you'll know it's not seated if the drive doesn't slip in easily), (8) silp in the new drive & connect the IDE and power (and audio if there is one) cables, (9) install the top plastic frame, flip up the lock inside the case, then close the bottom cd cover thing, (10) enjoy the new drive.
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