Compaq Presario Black Screening

By MissMichiru
Apr 26, 2010
  1. I have an HP Compaq Presario CQ60 Notebook PC that runs on Windows Vista Home Basic. My graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce 8200M G and it is up to date.

    I recently downloaded a new online MMO named Allods. This game can run on my computer on the lowest graphic settings, but it does cause my computer got get very hot. This is a single computer thing, my boyfriend's computer heats up as well while playing this game. My problem is that on some occasions, my computer will black screen itself. I can still hear the sounds playing, but I cannot click or use my keyboard at all, resulting in restarting my computer. I updated my drivers, hoping it would stop the problem. It stopped for a while, but it's started up again. This doesn't happen to my boyfriend's computer (he's able to play the game with the best graphics because he has a good graphics card), so I'm sure it's something with my computer.

    I'm not very computer literate, but any help on solving this problem is greatly appreciated.
  2. Route44

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    This sounds like it is a heat issue. Heat will shut down a system fast in order to protect itself. Laptops as it is usually do not have good airflow due to the constricted space.

    Even in PC computer cases when playing games the temperatures will rise because when one games the system is under a load especially the video card thus producing heat. This is probably what is happening to you and video card is overheated. Your system is trying to protect itself.

    You could try a cooling pad. Make sure you have the system on a hard surface for better air flow. And make sure dust is not clogging the fans, etc.

    Perhaps you could tell your boyfriend to buy you a new top of the line gaming laptop. :D
  3. MissMichiru

    MissMichiru TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks. I had a feeling it might be from overheating. I plan on buying a fan for my laptop regardless, since it tends to heat up a lot.

    I could ask my bf for a new laptop, but he got me this laptop, and he doesn't have the money to afford one LOL
  4. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Please let us know if the cooling pad works for you.
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