Compatibility of Video Card & DirectX 8.1

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Apr 25, 2005
  1. I was attempting to install a PC Video Game (Men of Honor Pacific Assault -demo) and a dialog box opened informing me that my video card doesn't support DirectX 8.1, necessary to run the game. My Vid. card is : NVIDIA GeFORCE 4 MX Integrated GPU. My questions: Can I merely download DirectX 8.1 and expect it to allow me to use this game?
  2. Tedster

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    The game should come with the latest version of direct X for the game (when it was published), if not, download it from the windows update web site.
  3. nickc

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    that videocard may not support that version of direct X
  4. arciel

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    Video Card incompatibility w/DirectX 8.1

    Nickc, you are probably right. At least that's what the dialog box stated-"Video Card does not support DirectX 8.1. My concern was that in downloading/installing DirectX 8.1 and attempting to use it to play M>O>H> Pacific Assault, it might somehow corrupt some other files? Anyway, I'm going to try to install 8.1 and see what happens-I imagine that my vid. card merely won't recognize it & I'll be unable to use the game. Thanx for the input.
  5. xxplayer92xx

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    need the directx 8.1

    i downloaded MOH pacific assualt and a box poped up saying i need a compadable video card. it also said it needs to be directx 8.1
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