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By wormyx
Nov 16, 2006
  1. Hello there,

    Im sorry if i stared this thread at the wrong spot. I just wanted a help on video formats and converts. Neway leave that at a side, my problem is ( i made this movie using my handycam, with alot of effort to learn and do things myself(its very complicated for a n00b'y gal like me) i already have the movie i made in my computer as a movie.mpg, a very large file it is) Now i wanted to know how to compress it as much as i could w/o loosing the resolutions and audio's.I also wanted to add subtitle( as somepart of the movie is in diffrent language) and i already have the subtitle with as when i play the movie oh..yes i can see the subtitle( and yeah i already installed most of the wanted codecs like DivX and Xvid, and also products from GordionKnot Codec.Ahh yeah back to the old question, i wanted to compress it to as much as i could.Leave the subtitle matter a side first, the most main thing is i wanna learn how to use Virtualdubmod or virtualdub or nandub(its for divx if im not mistaken) to convert this movie.mpg straight to avi(divx/xvid). I don't mind if the guide must use tools like TmpegEnc.Because i already got the hardcore movie encoding/decoding/converting/editing tools with me.And i also dont want straight forward software like mpg2avi and sorta tools.Yes, i wanna learn from the basic.

    Then after making it as an movie.avi(xvid), now i wanted to add the subtitle which is I know if i put bout the movie and subtitle my player(classic media player will read it)because its a directshow(installed in my already).But if i make the movie.avi as vcd where to put the sub ? Or you guys can guide me bind the sub into my movie, so after binding it i can easily cut the long movie and burn as vcd onto 2dics using Nero. Hope plenty of guys or gals here can show me the way, once im able to make this 1 successful i wont so much n00b'y.I just wanted to know the term of using this tools.

    And if can many of can share both ur error mistake and how u over come them.Because im learning guys, and im sure there is plenty for me to learn from ya mistakes.Hope to see some replies, Thank You
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