Computer bios problem

By N8dogg74
Jun 29, 2005
  1. Hi, I'm trying to get my mother's computer going again after being down now for two weeks and I've tried everything I know to fix this thing. It had a virus sometime last year (july 04 I believe) that complety broke a new cdrw drive by opening and closing it too much. She had the HD wiped and a new OS (XP home) installed and it worked fine with a new cdrw up until now. The entire system cut off and on over and over again so she disconnected all power for a while then hooked it back up. It worked ok for a day then just cut off. Thats when she called me lol. When I start the computer it cuts on and all the status lights come on and blink like usual but I get no display on the monitor. So I checked the monitor and its fine (works great on my pc). I checked the vid card seating, it was in properly and then I finally changed it out to an older (backup) card I have to see if that was the problem but still had the same results. I changed the power supply and even put a spare HD in the system and it still does the same thing. I checked the RAM seating and I even checked to see if the motherboard was still spaced from the case as to not cause a short and none of those seem to be the problem. I opened the case to further inspect the machine and cut it on, the CPU fan and the all the other case fans cut on and run. The HD is audibly running but I'm not hearing the usual beep from start up and the only way to cut the machine off is the switch on the power supply (pwr and reset buttons do nothing). Also the cdrw drive and cuts on opens and closes and the status light flashes very fast for about 20 seconds, cuts off for 10 seconds or so then flashes again. I don't know if that has anything to do with anything. I'm at wits end so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Try from basics. Disconnect everything, except floppy drive (if there), 1 stick of memory and the graphics card. Try to boot into BIOS, press Del a few times when starting.
    If no video, try another card. If no go, in all likelyhood your mobo is shot.
    If it works, add 1 item at the time and reboot. eventually you should find the 'sinner'.
  3. Nodsu

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    I also want to recommend a radical feature called "paragraphs".

    I didn't bother to read your slab of text but I am sure pressing the enter key a few times in your next post will help things along.
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