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Jun 9, 2007
  1. Hello,
    I am having problems booting my computer. I will start by giving some of my computer specs.

    ASUS Motherboard with AMD 64 Dual Core 3800 about a year old
    Radeon X series Video Card
    1 gig of 2 ghz ram

    The problem I am having is that when I try to power on nothing happens except for a very loud high pitched electric noise. The tone is extremely high, probably just low enough to hear and almost definetly coming from the chip. The computer will procede to power on and abruptly off, switching back and forth at a rate of around 1 on/off per second. The on period gets longer and longer over a period of about 2 minutes until it actually makes it through the bios and no longer fails. The first sucessful boot it gave me an error that said something about overclocking and that I should go into bios and restore defaults, which I did. The computer restarted just fine, but was still making the noise. When I shut down and started back up, the boot issues returned just the same, except this time, when it did boot, it didn't give me an error.

    This problem started right after I removed a broken harddrive from the case. The harddrive has not been hooked up this week since the board gave me a warning that it was about to fail. I did not wear a shock band, but I did hold my hand on the metal of the case the whole time. I am fairly sure that I did not unplug anything, I looked through multiple times and everything seems to be in order. To be sure that it is not the Video Card I removed it and tried starting but the problem was just the same.

    Of course I removed the hard drive while the computer was still running...kidding. The computer seems to be running just fine, with exception of the noise and start up issues. Right now the Vcore is at 1.46V, +3.3 is at 3.30v, +5.0 is at 5.12v, +12.0 is at 12.30v, cpu is 31 deg c, Motherboard is 29 deg c, and the CPU fan is running at 2518 RPM.
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    well im not any expert but id say a ram chip is loose try taking them out and place ram back in one not in right gl.
  3. Tedster

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    reseat all your cards, chips, etc....
    check to see if the noise is coming from the PSU.
    always ground yourself.
  4. Suohhen

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    Thanks for the quick replys.
    I did what you two said and the problem remains the same. However I think that I was wrong to pinpoint the noise as coming from the psu.
    The noise actually starts right after powering on the power supply, and remains for a few seconds after powering it off. It seems as though it is coming from the power supply, so to confirm this I unplugged the main power supply bundle from the mother board, but I left the fans and what not plugged in, so I am not positive that it is the power supply. But the way it is booting, and the fact that it is doing it while the computer isn't even on, seems to point the blame at the power supply, er me frying the power supply. And more than that, to say that the power supply is causing the noise. Perhaps an outside source is causing it to make the noise.
  5. CCT

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    PSU fan bearing is gerfunkled.

    My guess anyway.

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